Management and Modeling of Processing Of Agricultural Products in Kazakhstan

  • Sholpan А. Smagulova
  • Malika Akhmetova


Abstract — The article is devoted to important aspects of the development of agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan. The contribution of agriculture to GDP is still relatively low, averaging less than 5% in recent years. However, a positive trend is planned at the expense of state support for the development of this sector. The country has received insufficient development of the processing sector of food production. It is noted that this is due to a greater extent due to low domestic prices and advantageous terms of trade in foreign markets. The work carried out econometric modeling assessment of factors that have a significant importance for the development of agricultural product processing areas on the example of the light industry. Based on regression analysis revealed that the increase in the yield of major crops and the flow of investment will lead to increased production in agriculture. Revealed problems and provides recommendations to improve the organization of the processing industry of the agricultural sector.

Index Terms — Kazakhstan, processing of agricultural products, food security, light industry, cotton, investment, econometric modeling

Jun 24, 2017
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