Spicy Taste Rating of Chili Pepper and Kimchi

  • Seongweon Jeong
  • Jongchan Kim
  • Yusin Sim


In order to introduce spicy taste ratings of Chili
pepper(powdered) and Kimchi, many kinds of products in
circulation were selected as specimens and the correlation of the
sensory taste results and capsaicinoids contents were analyzed.
When compared the spicy taste levels(capsaicinoids) of specimens
with their sensory test results, they were found that capsaicinoids
content(capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin) and sensory test results
had a high correlation (R2) at more than 0.9 in HPLC analyzing
Categorizing the pungency of the Chili pepper(powdered) into
five levels best reflected the status of Chili pepper products on
the market(mild hot, slight hot, medium hot, very hot, extreme
hot), while the Kimchi into three levels reflected the status of
Kimchi products on the market(mild hot, medium hot, very hot).
capsaicinoids contents of five levels in Chili pepper(powdered)
were less than 150 mg/kg, 150~300 mg/kg, 300~500 mg/kg,
500~1,000 mg/kg and more than 1,000 mg/kg. capsaicinoids
contents of three levels in Kimchi were less than 4 mg/kg, 4~12
mg/kg, and more than 12 mg/kg.

Dec 15, 2016
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