Flexible Pavement Distress Evaluation and Analysis

  • Mohmd Sarireh


Flexible pavement needs to be inventoried periodically, and evaluated for surface performance, distresses intensity and frequency. Flexible pavement distress data need to be updated to implement the required maintenance program. The pavement surface can't therefore be kept perfectly and comfortably in service. The evaluation and analysis of flexible pavement surface conditions can be reflected and expressed in term of pavement serviceability rating (PSR) which denotes a scale of a lower limit of 10 to  an upper of 100. Also, the cost of maintenance and rehabilitation program can be predicted based on PSR. 18 sections were selected and surveyed for the distress types, intensity and extension. Also, the PSR was evaluated through the client PSR by the engineers and technicians in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and user PSR through drivers, costumers on the road. The cost of maintenance was estimated by the client staff and modeled with client and user PSRs. Validation of models showed the usage of results to predict PSR value depending on distresses appearance, so cost can be calculated for maintenance.

Dec 15, 2016
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